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Student Handbook

This Parent / Student Handbook was compiled to assist you in experiencing the Episcopal Day School to its fullest. You are a part of an educational community that is dedicated to providing the highest quality education in a Christian environment. 

Parents, as this Handbook covers most of the general issues of school life, we ask that you read it and become familiar with its contents and, in turn, review the contents with your children. They must have a clear understanding as to what is expected of them. 

Policies may be defined as sets of principles and rules of conduct that are adopted by an organization in order to assist it in identifying and carrying out its mission. When an individual joins an organization, this implies his commitment to respect and comply with the policies and procedures of that organization. 

The Episcopal Day School is a wonderful, nurturing place in which to deepen one’s spiritual commitment while seeking academic growth. It is our hope that as you read this Handbook you will discover that the policies and procedures which have been established are designed to help life at EDS operate smoothly and justly. 

Please click here for the Student Handbook.