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2nd Grade Program

Second grade offers a curriculum enhanced by authentic learning projects and field trips. 

The Reading/English-Language Arts curriculum integrates reading, phonics, spelling, vocabulary development, dictation, grammar, composition, and creative writing.  Students are encouraged to strive for Accelerated Reader certificates because of the high success rate of this research based program. 

Students are challenged with higher level thinking skills in math using McGraw-Hill - My Math textbook.  Students learn addition, subtraction and multiplication while applying various strategies and by using math manipulatives.

The social studies program combines history, geography, economics, and political science.  Concepts come to life  through the manufacturing/marketing project with recycled items, and field trips. 

Second graders study life science, earth science, and physical science, using hands-on investigation, mystery science and field trips.  They also learn about local birds and wildlife through guest speakers and observations made on campus and on the nature trail.

Special Area classes include Music, Physical Education, Computer Science, Library, Spanish, Nature Trail, Makerspace and Special Purpose Fridays.

Special Events and Activities:

Field Trips: Second grade field trips may vary depending on the curriculum and the weather however; regular trips include, Dolphin Watch, Eco Tour and Resaca de la Palma.

Market Day: On this day students manufacture products using recycled items, market them, and sell them to classmates. This project is done during the last 6 weeks of school, and is completed at home.

Teacher Store: Second grade teachers use positive reinforcement by allowing students to earn tickets for good behavior and hard work. In turn, the students can buy items during Teaches Store once a month.

9 Months of Smiles: Second graders enlist the help of their school community to collect items for Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center.

Artist Studies: Students study 4 artists and apply their technique in a masterpiece that will be displayed in a campus-wide art show.

Charro Days: After the school program, the second grade class represents the Day School in the Children’s Parade.

Nature Trail: Second graders participate each six weeks in Nature Trail, where hands-on science activities are conducted in our nature trail, behind our school. Second grade Nature Trail topics: Birds