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5th Grade Program


Students in 5th grade receive daily instruction and authentic opportunities in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  In addition students attend daily chapel service, take Spanish, Physical Education, Computer Science, Engineering Design, Library, Music, Fine Arts and Nature Trail.   We are devoted in cultivating a strong character in our students so they can became productive members of their community. A variety of electives are offered each quarter. 

Our classroom environment nurtures discovery, creativity, and mutual respect among all students.   We work closely with our students and provide learning opportunities so they will grow in all areas of development.  

Special Events and Activities:

International Bank of Commerce Minitropolis partnership for Financial Literacy: Students are given early lessons on saving and spending money by participating in an IBC Bank sponsored model bank.  5th grade students serve as IBC/EDS banking representatives on campus.

Fall / Spring Retreat: The purpose of the retreats is to help students grow in faith in themselves and his/her Creator, while developing an acceptable standard of morality.

Spelling Bee: Four representatives of each class participate in the EDS spelling bee for a chance to compete in the BANSA and Regional spelling bees.

9 Months of Smiles

Special Purpose Fridays