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Doctors Patrick and Claudia Pirtle

 “Building heart, mind, body and soul. Children are learning to be gracious and giving. Seeking excellence in themselves, yet are compassionate and caring towards others. Really sounds too good to be true. But if you are looking for a community of CARING AND LOVING go-getters, the Episcopal Day School is it.”


Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ostos

“The Episcopal Day School has been a partner in the development, education and growth of our children. EDS has provided a safe and friendly environment with small classes that allow for the teachers to really know their students and tailor to their individual needs. The school provides a faith based education and a family type environment that prepares students for their future. We wouldn’t send our children anywhere else."


Mr. Craig Grove

“What I love most about the Episcopal Day School is the warm nurturing family environment. Being at EDS is like a home away from home for my children. The teachers, staff and administration are very caring and very supportive; they have a strong positive relationship with all the children. We are very grateful for the Episcopal Day School, this is a special place.”


 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Tipton 

“We are so blessed to continue in the family tradition of sending our children to the Episcopal Day School. Our children are truly excited to go to school every day and it’s because they are greeted by enthusiastic teachers who make learning fun. From the moment you step on the beautiful campus you can sense God’s presence and the warm welcome of a community. Love, compassion and kindness from all parents, children, staff and administration energize this school community – it’s what makes EDS exceptional. It is important to us that our children know they are worthy and valued for simply being themselves and learning to the best of their ability. Our family values align with those of Episcopal Day School and for that we are incredibly thankful."


Mr. & Mrs. John Cowen 

“Episcopal Day School is the perfect place in Brownsville for children to thrive.  From the age of two until sixth grade, loving teachers and staff nurture students in a natural environment, which includes a lushly landscaped campus, butterfly and vegetable gardens, three wondrous age-appropriate play areas and one secluded wooded path which wanders through a forest along a resaca (or, lazy river), dubbed the “nature trail”.  The nature trail, a gated property owned and maintained by the school, serves as an immersive science lab, where our award-winning science teacher guides classes from age three and up on a learning journey about science while inside of it.  The importance of physical activity and the outdoors is primary at EDS.  From first grade and up, students eat lunch outside under a covered pavilion daily (weather is almost always permitting in Brownsville).  All students have recess and gym class at least once per day, however, in some cases, they may play outside multiple times per day.  Research has proven that daily physical activity outdoors is vital to proper physical and intellectual development - I love that my kids go to a school where this value is built in to the routine, and is even at times integral to the learning.  When kids are not outdoors, they are learning in a traditional, structured classroom environment.  The school has an extensive collection of both fiction and non-fiction children’s literature, built up and continually curated over seventy-years, in an inviting lending library open to weekly class visits and unlimited parent / child visits before or after school.  I feel blessed and lucky that my children go to EDS!”


Ms. Laura Rocco

"EDS is a beautiful, peaceful little gem of a school!  I am forever grateful my two sons had the opportunity to grow, learn and lead because of the foundation they received at EDS.  It is unlike any other private school in the Valley because it is the perfect fusion of strong academics, spiritual development, diverse student population and dedicated teachers and staff.  I’m so glad I chose EDS for my children!"


Mr. Ruben Ceballos & Dr. Laura Ceballos

“Our family is extremely happy with our experience at EDS.  We appreciate the academic rigor and well rounded education our children receive. I truly feel that the school is preparing them for the future as opposed to teaching them how to do well on a standardized exam. Additionally, EDS provides a wonderful sense of community and extended family to all. If you are seeking a premiere education, you must come visit EDS."


 Mr. & Mrs. Javier Martinez  

“We have been at The Episcopal Day School since the Spring of 2015.  We heard about the Looking Forward Night and decided to visit, although we had not planned on enrolling our daughter in a full-time school until that Fall. We immediately fell in love with the school after meeting the Early Childhood Education teachers and interacting with current students that were guiding our tour of the campus.  We knew the Christian Values, academic program, faculty and staff were a great fit for us. The quality of students EDS was producing sealed the deal - so much so that we enrolled our daughter as soon as possible that school year. The academic programs are impressive for an elementary school. Additionally, the current families were so welcoming to us.  It was a smooth transition from the beginning, and we are so happy with our decision.  The Episcopal Day School not only teaches children the values that are so important to us, but it teaches Christian attributes of caring for our neighbors by committing to serve the community through clothing and food drives, adopting families and numerous events throughout the school year.  If it is lacking in any way, it is about boasting of so many such events where EDS students, families, teachers and administrators have shown the love of Jesus to their fellow neighbor.  We are a proud EDS family and so blessed to be a part of this school.”


Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rodriguez

“EDS has been a blessing to our family and our children in so many ways:  They leave EDS prepared with a strong foundation of academics, faith, confidence, respect, compassion and tolerance.  From the science program to chapel to public speaking to the playground to the nature trail to the nurturing faculty and staff, our children have thrived at EDS.  We are grateful for the opportunity to send our children to EDS!”


Mrs. Liza Nunez

“I will forever be grateful for the decision to place my children at EDS from 5k through 6th grade. I have watched how EDS has contributed to many positive attributes of their personality, work ethic and faith.  The strong academic foundation combined with yearly traditions and opportunities prepared my son, that left 3 years ago, for junior and high school.  He is confident in the challenges of a Science Fair Project (he took great pride in impressing his 7th grade science teacher with his knowledge of the process; EDS alumni took ALL of the awards in science that year in their new school-thank you Mrs. Morfitt), long hours of studying, public speaking, making new friends and cherishing the old, leading the family in prayer and respecting the environment. The Episcopal Day School was more than a place to learn, it was a safe and nurturing HOME to be challenged, respected and driven to build a productive and well-rounded young adult.  God Bless EDS!”


Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Sikes

“We have been part of the EDS family since 2005.  We visited various schools in Brownsville and chose EDS based on friends' experiences, academic offerings, and nature trail/outdoor activities.  Our 2 oldest children graduated from EDS and are currently attending middle school and high school.  They are both thriving and we give credit to EDS for the foundation they helped us build at the early childhood and elementary level for our children.  Our third child is a 4th grade student at EDS.  She enjoys science, coding and recess! At EDS our kids are challenged academically, participate in extracurricular activities, and grow spiritually in daily chapel activities.”