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Spanish Program 


The curriculum integrates reading, writing, and conversation, together with the history, geography, tradition and culture of Spanish speaking countries. It is also a preparation for those who wish to continue to learn Spanish in future academic life. 

The students experience exposure not only to the academics of learning Spanish, but also to Hispanic, primarily Mexican, culture.

Teaching the same  students over several years, makes it possible for teachers to work closely with each student in order to better understand their individual needs and give them the opportunity to advance through the 2 levels; Intermediate and Advanced.

Special Events and Activities:

16 de Septiembre: Students honor  the Independence Day of Mexico . We Honor the Mexican Flag and sing the Mexican National Anthem , and share the Mexican “Grito”.

Día de los Muertos: We explain the tradition  of how Mexico celebrates and honors the dead in their families.  An altar, together with typical crafts, are prepared and displayed by the class.

Virgen de Guadalupe: We explain the history of the tradition, and discuss its importance and significance for Mexico.

La Posada: We set a live Nativity scene and sing the traditional songs of the Mexican Posadas.

Día de los Reyes Magos: We bring the traditional ”Rosca de Reyes” bread to cut in the classroom.  Whichever student has the baby Jesus  in their slice, gives a party in in the classroom in February,  the Day of the Candelaria.

Charro Days Program: Each grade performs their own Mexican dance, and is presented on the last Thursday of February. This is our most memorable event of the year.