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Computers and Technology

At the Episcopal Day School grades 3k - 6th attend Computer class and each student are assigned to his/her own individual personal computer. During this time students study/utilize computers and related technology as is grade appropriate. Through the use of the newly acquired C.O.W. machine (Computers on Wheels), 2 nd - 6 th grade students may use the mobile lab which includes 24 notebook PCs, one for every student, in their classrooms. They will interact with Microsoft Office programs as well as software suites, the Internet and hardware to assist them in achieving computer knowledge and complete assigned tasks.

The Computer lab plus the mobile lab is a hands-on and experience driven classroom setting that makes
learning fun!

Special Events and Activities Include:


3K: Begins with the introduction of the PC and its basics parts. They utilize the Mouse and Keyboard by viewing their individual screens and using the KidPix Program.

4K - 5K : Along with the basic learning of the PC and its parts 4K - 5K also explore the software side of computers further by using the Internet websites such as This is a base program which helps children read with phonics and has interactive educational games as well.

1st Grade: In addition to the further studying of the Computer basics and software they begin hands-on learning on how the computer works. Through the proper use of the Internet, its rules and the responsibilities that come with it. 1 st grade also use the Star Test program to test each child’s reading level.

2nd Grade: Learns hands-on Hardware and Software to include the basic parts of the computer and how it works and the Internet by researching and using the copy/paste functions plus spending time learning and using Microsoft Word. 2 nd grade also uses the Star Testing Software and Accelerator Reader program to assess their reading levels.

3rd Grade : Explore the computer in depth, navigate the Internet, testing in keyboarding & Accelerator Reader Program as well further use of Microsoft Office suites such as Word & PowerPoint plus programming in

4th Grade: PC basic skills –Keyboarding, Hardware, Software & programming through - Christmas around the World -Utilize Microsoft Office PowerPoint program and file creation and manipulation as well as researching their assigned topics in through The Internet web browser.

DRT Essay Competition – research and write using Microsoft Office Word document creation software

5th Grade: Hardware –parts of the computer explored, study of Input and output devices and storing and retrieving from external devices as well as local devices Software –keyboarding utilizing typing assessment software, Microsoft Office Suite to include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher programs & programming using platform.

  • Science Fair –utilizing Microsoft Office word documentation program and Excel Spreadsheets program
  • DAR Essay Competition – research and write using Microsoft Office Word documentation software

6th Grade: Hardware & Software–exploring the computer parts further & obtaining software knowledge through the Internet, utilizing Microsoft Office Suites & programming using platformScience Fair –utilizing Microsoft Office Word program and Excel spreadsheets to create Data Charts and Graphs for data input and presentation

  • PowerPoint Presentations –utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint to create a slideshow presentation and present to the class
  • Publisher projects –utilizing Microsoft Publisher to create fliers, brochures, newsletters and business cards