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2K Program


Our 2K program offers a literacy based preschool curriculum. Each month students are read two different theme based storybooks that are followed by activities that relate to the theme of each book. In these activities children learn how to play along with other two-year-olds by taking turns, sharing, and developing communication. The purpose of our 2K program is to develop reading and math readiness through oral language and immersion activities that teach social skills.  

Our 2K program offers a positive social and emotional experience in a safe and loving environment.

Routines and smooth transitions are extremely important to the development of our young two year olds.  We offer consistency and responsiveness to help our young students develop secure attachments.

In our daily Chapel children are introduced to a Bible Story, biblical character and/or related song for the week.

Special Events and Activities:

2K Community Service Project: Our 2K students help “share the warmth” with skinner elementary by having winter clothing/items drive.

Thanksgiving Program: Students dress up and perform a Thanksgiving song for the school and family. Ending with a Thanksgiving feast.

Christmas Program: Students wear costumes from around the world in the Christmas program.

Charro Day Program: Students dress up and perform a Charro Day dance.

Bunny Hop: Our little two-year old bunnies will spend a morning with fun filled Easter related activities.  Children will have an Easter Egg Hunt and parents are invited to attend.

Tea with the Queen: A tea party brunch is offered to the moms for Mother’s Day.

Halloween Carnival: Children can come dressed in their favorite costume and enjoy a carnival full of fun games and food.

Red Ribbon Week: Each year, during the last week of October, EDS Staff and students participate in Red Ribbon Week, a Spirit filled week of fun activities to celebrate the choice to be drug free.