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Coding Club


Welcome to the EDS CODING CLUB!

In the EDS Coding Club, students will learn the technology skills to be successful in the digital age.  Coding has now become an essential skill, and the Coding Club serves as an introduction to the world of Coding.   Learning to code teaches students how to solve problems, work together in teams, and fosters creativity. We will build apps, games, and websites that bring ideas to life. The EDS Coding Club will provide the resources and tools that will let anyone learn, write, and have fun with code.

Students will use different programs and coding websites in the EDS Coding Club.   The beginner group (2nd and 3rd Grade) begins with Scratch, where students utilize block code to create their animations and games. The Intermediate Group (4th grade) learns to program in Python, currently one of the most popular coding languages.  The Advanced Group (5th and 6th Grade) will learn about Web Development by using HTML/CSS/Javascript to create their very own websites!

We will participate in a coding competitions throughout the school year as we challenge students to test their skills.  

Along with Coding on the computer, students will also learn to use hardware such as: Raspberry Pi MiniComputers, Microbit and Circuit Playground Express programmable boards.  


All experience levels are welcome.  Join the EDS Coding Club today!

For more information contact, Miguel Lopez, EDS Coding Club Coach.

956-639-4348 or Email Me!



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