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4K Program

The 4K curriculum integrates literacy, math, science, art and music into weekly themes.  Each theme is explored and studied using books, music and art projects that are incorporated into the lessons and learning centers. 

Pre-school students use the Opening the World of Learning (OWL) Texas Edition curriculum.  This program integrates early literacy, math, science, social studies, and health skills. Writing is embedded throughout the day in a fun and unique way. 

At the core of every activity designed for the children is the belief that children learn best through active engagement with the task and by using all their senses to explore and grow.

Our daily schedule includes:

  • Whole group activities to help children gain social, academic and gross motor skills
  • Independent play in centers aligned to the monthly theme
  • Small group instruction to reinforce academic skills
  • Daily participation in children’s chapel service.

Also, children participate in unique lessons in our Nature Trail provided by our science teacher.

Special Events and Activities:

Seasonal Activities: Students participate and attend seasonal programs and performances such as the Halloween Carnival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Program, Charro Days Program, Easter Program and Egg Hunt, and Mothers’ Day Tea Party.

Reading Buddies: Once a week, students meet with their 6th grade reading buddy, students choose a book for their buddy to read to them.

Hands-On Science Activities and Nature Trail: Hands-on activities and Nature Trail are done throughout the year and are important for the children to discover, observe, and experiment. This allows our students to explore their world and encourages them to make meaningful connections as they learn. 

Community Service Project: Students participate in a service project to meet a recognized community need and develop an awareness of and respect for diverse populations.

4K Publishing Party: After months of writing with guidance and practice, students showcase their work as the authors of class books. These books display their self-expression and writing skills.

Early Childhood Art Show: Inspired by outstanding artists like Henry Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat and Georgia O’ Keeffe, this art show exhibits the work of Early Childhood students through different techniques and mediums.