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Music Program

Music is an integral part of the curriculum at the Episcopal Day School. Every grade level, from 2K through 6th grade, has the opportunity to come to Music class each week. Younger students are exposed to a wide variety of musical experiences, as he/she learns to develop a love for and an appreciation of music. As often anticipated, the students’ talents are highlighted in a yearly dramatic/musical presentation.  In the upper grade students further ignite their love of music by singing a wide range of American songs as well as audition preparation pieces. Musical theatre and the performing arts are also introduced to students in the 4-6th grades.  Music is also a big part of our daily chapel services.


Pre-Kinder/Kindergarten: introduced to the basic concepts of Music such as direction, dynamics, register, rhythm patterns, etc. as well as have opportunities to experience the playing of rhythm instruments and learn movement through music.

1st grade: learns to follow the words in songs, becomes better connected with musical concepts, learns folk dances, and begins understanding the concept of “reading” music while playing instruments.

2nd grade: begins seriously focusing on learning and remembering specific rhythmic patterns through the use of hand drums. They expand their knowledge and appreciation of instrument classification, as well as move into the more difficult dances in square dancing.

3rd grade: enjoys the opportunity to learn the technique of playing the barred instruments. All third graders are spotlighted in the 1st – 3rd Christmas program, having the privilege of a special part.

4th grade: learns to read the notes of the treble staff and employ that knowledge into learning how to play the soprano recorder. Students learn to sing in two-part harmony.

5th grade: continues study of the recorder. In the second semester, they learn to read bass staff notes and take up the study of playing the hand chimes. Their knowledge of dance upgrades to learning modern country western dance.

6th grade: upgrades their knowledge of playing the hand chimes to playing music incorporating 5 octaves of notes. Students are involved with creative movement activities: storybook presentations, development of choreographic abilities, talent show. Students are well rounded and ready to transition into any middle school music based program (Band, Choir, or Drama).

Special Events and Activities Include: