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The Episcopal Day School library serves the entire school community and our school librarian is Mrs. Kathi Martinez. Grades 4K - 6th grade attend the library once a week for a 25 minute session.  While at the library, the students check in and check out books for class assignments and pleasure reading.  Students are exposed to a variety of literature including biographies, poetry, myths, short stories and non-fiction.

Library Hours

7:45 AM - 8:00 AM  Monday - Friday
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM  Monday - Friday

Students will visit the library on a regularly scheduled basis.

Checkout Policy

-Early Childhood Students: 1 book for 1 week
-First Grade Students: 2 book for 1 week
-Second through Fourth Grade Students:  2 books for 2 weeks
-Fifth and Sixth Grade Students:  3 books for 2 weeks

Students are encouraged to use the library often to check out books and reading material. Donations of books or money for the library are gratefully accepted and appreciated. Donations of “used” books will become a part of the library’s collection within the guidelines of the library’s selection policy.

Parents/grandparents, etc., may participate in the Birthday Book Club. They are invited to have their child's birthday recognized by giving a book to the school library. Once a donation has been received, the librarian will purchase a book and insert a plate bearing the child's name as honoree. The honoree will then be given the opportunity to check it out first. This project promotes the value of reading and gives students a sense of pride in contributing to the library's growth.

Online Resources

Accelerated Reader –  Bookfinder

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder allows for students and parents to search in English or Spanish using criteria such as ATOS book level, and or book title.  Your child can write down the book title and quiz # in his or her book log so they can test at school the next day.   

Renaissance Home Connect  (5K-6th grade)

Track your child’s Accelerated Reader Progress by logging in to Renaissance Home Connect and entering your child's user name and password.  Parent’s Register by clicking the link on the top right hand corner “email set-up” and continues by listing your email address.  This portal will allow you to receive notifications about your child’s current and up to date comprehension test scores.  

*Your child has received their user name and password   -

*In this Library portal you will have access to e-books and databases such as; Brain Pop, Discover Education, EBSCO Host and other great resources for your children to use for educational research purposes.

Makinvia  Log In – (2K-6th grade) 

School: Episcopal Day School (Brownsville)

Username:  edslearn

Password:   goblue1


Scholastic Bookflix – ( 2K-3rd Grade)

Scholastic BookFlix is an online literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic to build a love of reading and learning.  This engaging resource is appropriate for children in grades 2K-3rd grade and will help early readers develop and practice essential reading skills.

 Log In to Makinvia 

 Click on the link noted on the left Digital Resources 

 Click on Open Now for Book Flix


Questions, Comments and or Support  - Please call or stop by the Library 

Kathi Martinez , School Librarian

Here are some online books for your kids (free!):

  • Storyline
  • International Children's Digital Library
  • Book Adventure

These sites provide fun, educational safe games and activities for your children:

  • PBS Kids:  Find all your favorite PBS characters here!
  • Wonderopolis:  Discover a new wonder each day. It’s full of fun facts!
  • Starfall: Features great activities for Pre-school to 2nd grade
  • National Geographic Kids:  Games, videos, information, cool photos, and more will keep your kids engaged and learning on this educational site.
  • Fun Brain:  Math and reading video-like games like math baseball and Mad Libs Junior.                         
  • Whyville:  Tweens hang out in Whyville to play learning games and socialize.
  • Spatulatta:  Get into cooking on this kid-friendly cooking website with lots of videos and recipes.
  • NGA Kids:  This website gives users art adventures and activities from the National Gallery of Art.


Safe and easy research sites for children: