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Our School Board Members


The Episcopal Day School is owned and operated by the Church of the Advent, Episcopal, Brownsville, Texas and is intended to be operated on a non-profit basis. It shall be governed by a School Board, which in turn shall be wholly responsible to the Vestry of the Church. The School Board shall be composed of nine voting members. One member shall be the Rector of the Church of the Advent, Episcopal; one member shall be a Vestryman of the Church of the Advent, Episcopal, appointed by the Rector to serve a one-year term; one member shall serve as a Historian recommended by the Director and approved by the School Board to serve a one-year term; and at least four of the remaining six shall be Communicant members of the Church of the Advent, Episcopal.

The school board is responsible for the school’s long-term mission and vision. The board hires only one employee, the school’s Head of School and delegates all day-to-day operations through the Head of School.

2021 – 2022 Board Members

President - Christine Galvan 

Rector - Laurie McKim

Head of School - Brian Clyne

Vice President – Anne Rentfro

Treasurer - Bart Webb 

Historian - Richard Abete

Secretary - Teresa Hoskins

Vestry Representative –  Kendra Stine  

Board Member – Nick Tipton

Board Member - Dillon Vanderford

Board Member - Renee Sanchez DeSmith

Board Member - Horacio Maya

Board Member - Esli Hernandez

Board Member - Susan Parker

Director of Finance - Yvette Gavito