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Monthly Lunch Menu

March 2023
Monday, February, 27
Tuesday, February, 28
Wednesday, March, 1
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Friday, March, 3




Students in 2K bring their own snacks from home. Parents are most aware of what their children at this age should and should not eat. There is a daily Tea Party for students in 3K, 4K, and 5K classes. Throughout the school year each student (parent) participates by providing a HEALTHY snack at midmorning for the entire class. Parents make necessary arrangements with the teacher and are asked to select only healthy snacks.

Snacks should be age-appropriate for small children. Cut items such as grapes in half, and cut hot dogs into bite-size pieces to prevent choking. 
 The only occasion that sweets are allowed is on birthdays, after making arrangements with the student's teacher.

Students in grades 1st - 6th grade also have snack time, we encourage healthy foods and water be brought.


Students in grades 5K - 6th and 2K - 4K students who stay for afternoon Day Care may either order a hot lunch in advance for Mondays through Thursdays or bring their lunches from home.

If a lunch is forgotten, we ask parents to deliver the lunch to the school office and not to the student’s classroom. We discourage parents bring their child a special, purchase, take-out lunch. We ask for all lunch boxes to be labeled.

Once a week, usually on Fridays, a special lunch can be purchased through the Lunch Packing Parents program. This program is operated strictly by dedicated parent volunteers.  Information on this program is available at the school office. 

Forgot to Pack Lunch? Lunch will be charged via FACTS SIS if your child forgets their lunch. Your child will be provided a nutritious lunch that includes an entree, fruit, vegetable and water.  The cost of the charged lunch: $4.25 for Pre-school and Elementary student and Friday lunch $5.00. For more information, contact the school’s office.

Questions about lunch/snack, contact us here.